Train Trouble is the second half of the 37th episode of Dinosaur Train.


While on its' way to Troodon Town, the Dinosaur Train breaks down, and the Conductor panics and runs outside to check with the engineer and then he goes back to tell Buddy, Tiny, Shiny and the Ornithomimus kids that the engine needs to be fixed at Troodon Town. He initially said that he would walk to Troodon Town himself to tell them that they need another engine to pull the Dinosaur Train there, but then Oren, Ollie, Tiny, and Shiny volunteered to go in his place, which he accepted. Oren and Ollie were the first to make it to Troodon Town, but they forgot what they had to say, but Tiny and Shiny arrived and told the stationmaster at Troodon Town that the Conductor needs them to send another engine, and then Mrs. Conductor appeared and told them that they'd take care of it. Within minutes, Mrs. Conductor arrived with the engine and pulled the Dinosaur Train to Troodon Town.

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