Best Friend


Tiny is a little female pteranodon. She appears throughout the TV series Dinosaur Train. Though she and her siblings all hatched the same day, she is the youngest and the smallest in her family. She is Buddy, Shiny, and Don's sister and their mom and dad's daughter.


Tiny is an extremely sweet,cheerful and lively pteranodon. She is social and approaches other dinosaurs, pterosaurs, birds, insects and mammals with the confidence of a news reporter. Tiny is continiuously seen with Buddy and they refer to each other as best friends. Tiny has an extremely huge passion for fish as she often sings If I could wish, for just one dish, my greatest wish, would be more...FISH!. She is always faithful to Buddy and is fiercely protective of him and vice versa. She loves going on the dinosaur train to learn more about dinosaurs and make friends with all the creatures she meets. She sometimes feels left out, especially when Buddy joins a therapod club and feels excluded when all he wants to do is talk about being a therapod, since she is not one herself. Buddy feels bad about upsetting his sister and the club makes her an honorary member. She has a little handmade doll her dad made for her that she calls her "Tiny Doll", getting very upset when she loses it during the family's World Tour. Buddy and Dad make her a new one, but other dinosaurs worked together to bring Tiny's original doll back to her, and she gives the new Tiny Doll to Shiny.


Tiny mainly resembles her mother with their green skin, nose and wings while she has the tip of the dads head. She also has freckles.

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