The time tunnel is a magical tunnel that takes the dinosaur train to any time period in the messzoic era. When the the dinosaur train approches the time tunnel the bell will ring and Mr. Conducter shouts out "Time tunnel, time tunnel approchching folks." Since Laura is very big, she has to duck down when the time tunnel come so she does not get hit. Tiny really likes the time tunnel. but Shiny likes when it's over.

entrance and exit

Season One

In seson one 3 circles of dust come out and so dust some magical dust. The same when coming out.

Season two

in season two purple dust came out when the train went in. Same when coming out. It has more special effects than season 1.

Inside the tunnel

The inside of the time tunnel is black with colorful lights.

Other Features

The time tunnel also teleports the train to anyplace even underwater.


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