Tank is a preschool-age Triceratops, with stubby horns, and a massive frill. He appears in lots of the episodes, such as Triceratops for Lunch, A Frill a Minute, Surprise Party, Tank's Sleep Over, and Hornucopia. In Triceratops for Lunch, Tank reveals he is a herbivore, mowing down huge bunches of leaves at The Big Pond. In A Frill a Minute, Tank and the Pteranodon kids scare away the bully of the Big Pond: Keenan Chirostenotes. They also learn that Tank's frill isn't good for Hide N' Seek, but it is used to scare off predators, or in this case, Theropod bullies. In Surprise Party, Tank appears as a Party guest. In Tank's sleep over, Tank is afraid of sleeping away from his mom. In Hornucopia, Tank sees some dinosaurs called Styracosaurus, which have even more horns than he has. Tank also made up a dance called "The-No-Sleep-Sleepover-Dance", because he didn't want to sleep. He also enjoys leaves such as sap-coverd-leaf-cluster, leafwhiches, leaves-on-a-stick, leaf-dogs, and leaferoni leafza (similar to pepperoni pizza). Tank's family include Trudy Triceratops (his mom), and Tuck Triceratops (his baby brother). Tank seems like an ordinary kid, with advantages and disadvantages, such as having a frill, and getting his frill stuck between trees. He is a great character. 11:08, June 25, 2011 (UTC)Fletcher


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