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Dinosaur Train S01 Elmer Elasmosaurus Dinosaur Block Party ENGLISH

  1. Pteranodon Family World Tour Adventure [2010] - This special includes the season 1 episodes Pteranodon Family World Tour, Gilbert The Junior Conductor, Confuciusornis Says, Tiny's Tiny Doll, Iggy Iguanodon, Shiny Can't Sleep, Kenny Kentrosarus, and Don and the Troodons.
  2. Dinosaur Train Under The Sea [2010] - A one hour special including four season 1 episodes: Elmer Elasmosaurus, Carla Cretoxyrhina, Paulie Pliosaurus and The Amazing Michelinoceras Brothers (Subsequently, the corresponding second episodes in each half-hour show were Dinosaur Block Party, Train Trouble, Elmer Visits the Desert and Dad's Day Out).
  3. Dinosaur Big City [2011] - A musical television film version of the four part season 2 opening episode, Dinosaur Big City. This film marked many changes to the show, including a new Time Tunnel, a new version of Dr. Scott's "Dinosaur Discoveries" segment, new songs, and slightly different animation.
  4. Dinosaurs A-Z [2012] - Based on the song Dinosaurs A-Z from "One Smart Dinosaur". Tiny has an enormous idea to gather all the dinosaurs in the song from Apatosaurus to Zigongosaurus and have them sing the song together at their celebratory picnic. It includes 4 episodes and gather all dinosaurs, including old friends, Jack (Einiosaurus), Ned (Brachiosaurus), Mr. Corythosaurus, Derek (Deinonychus), Iggy (Iguanodon), Kenny (Kentrosaurus), Larry (Lambeosaurus), Oren & Ollie (Ornithomimus), Morris (Stegosaurus), Velma (Velociraptor), Perry (Parasaurolophus) and a whole lot of new dinosaurs.Section heading

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