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Best Friends

Buddy, Tiny, Don



Shiny is the second oldest and the aqua colored sister of Buddy, Don, and Tiny and her mom and day's daughter. She appears throughout the TV series Dinosaur Train. Shiny is a preschool age, roughly 4 or 5 she like alot of shiny shells and crystal. She is the girliest of the family, but still enjoys playing games with her siblings.


Shiny has a gleaming, shining skin that she is so proud of her beauty. Whenever she utters the word "shiny" her beak glitters. But she can become shy or scared during social situations. Shiny can also become nervous, sad or even a little eccentric but she tries her best to stay away from such emotions by saying "I wasn't nervous"or "I wasn't scared". Shiny is extremely fond of shiny things such as diamonds or shiny sea-shells. Shiny loves her dad more than her mum, She loves shiny things but she also loves to stay home or fish with Don and her dad. Shiny can sometimes be a little bossy or mean. She has a high pitched voice, but doesn't really talk a lot.

Appareance Edit

Shiny is the only child in the family who is aqua in color. She also has turquoise eyes. She has a curved upper bill.


  • Shiny is the only aqua Pterandon in her family.
  • She has a crush on Gilbert.
  • Shiny hates stuff non-shiny.
  • Her appearance is similar to her Grandma Pteranodon's.
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