Petey is a fun-loving Peteinosaurus. He made his debut in Petey Peteinosaurus. He also appears in The Old Bird, Pteranodon Flying Club, and Junior Conductor Jamboree. In Petey Peteinosaurus, Buddy and Tiny are arguing about what Petey wants to play. Buddy says Petey wants to play with his teeth, and Tiny says Petey wants to go flying. Petey says they could make up games that all three of them can play. They play Toss n' Catch, which is a game made by Buddy throwing sticks and Petey and Tiny flying up to catch them. In The Old Bird, Petey, Buddy, and Tiny go to see Arlene Archaeopteryx, who is a species of bird. In Pteranodon Flying Club, Buddy, Tiny, Shiny, Don, and Quincy Quetzalcoatlus go to Peteinosaurus Place to visit Petey. Buddy comares wings between Petey, Tiny, Shiny, and Quincy. Later, the Pterosaurs make a flying show. In Junior Conductor Jamboree, Petey makes an appearance as a junior conductor, and he does the "Best Hat Flip Of The Jamboree." Petey has made up several flying tricks such as, the Swoop-de-Swoop. He is the equivelent of a 3-year old. He is a great character
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