Ollie (the one with a black beak) and Oren (the one with the blue beak) are twin Ornithomimuses who love to race. (But that's only because they win against almost every dinosaur species) They don't appear in that many episodes, though. They DO appear in Fast Friends, Surprise Party, and Train Trouble. In Fast Friends, the twins race against Buddy, and they (as usual) win. But when they do a relay race, Tiny flies faster than Ollie (or was it Oren?) by (as Don says) by a beak. In Surprise Party, Ollie and Oren appear as party guests running around the Observation Car, saying: "Hi Buddy! Hi Mrs. P! You must be Mr. P! Hi Tiny! Hi Shiny! Hi Don! Hi Laura! Hi Tank! Hi Cory!" In Train Trouble, Ned races against the twins and wins. (Because of his long neck) Later, when the train stops suddenly, Oren, Ollie, Tiny, and Shiny save the day by telling the Troodon Official, that the train needed help. Ollie and Oren have a bad habit of bragging about their speedyness. They also talk WAY to fast. Like this: Goooooooooteamornithomimus! They are blue with yellow rectangle-thingies on their backs, necks, and tails. The only thing that separates them apart is their beaks.

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