Ned is a teenage Brachiosaurus, who appears in many episodes, such as Ned the Quadreped, Dinosaur Poop, Night Train, Cretaceous Conifers, Surprise Party, Train Trouble, Junior Conductor Jamboree, and as a background Brachiosaurus in most episodes. In Ned the Quadreped, Ned is introduced as a junior conductor, and helps Buddy and Tiny figure out how to become junior conductors, as well as teaching them about Brachiosaurus. In Dinosaur Poop, he introduces his mother and father, and his friend named Ella. They have a picnic, whereas they eat ALL the time. He also teaches Buddy and Tiny about Brachiosaurus poop. In Night Train, he accompanies Buddy, Tiny, and Mr. Pteranodon, on a adventure to use your senses to find things at night. In Cretaceous Conifers, he wants to know if conifers can grow even taller than him. He also sees the Aurora Coria Conifer along with Buddy, Tiny Shiny, and Don. In Surprise Party, he appears as a party guest at Buddy's birthday party. In Train Trouble, he races Oren and Ollie Ornithomimus, winning because of his long neck. In Junior Conductor Jamboree, he is a junior conductor. He is a great character. When he isn't traveling on the Dinosaur Train with Buddy, Tiny and Mrs. Pteranodon, he usually lives in Brachiosaurus Gardens, located in the Jurassic time period. When he is seen riding on the Dinosaur Train, he is usually shown with his long neck sticking out the window like other long-necked sauropods that ride the train, but he usually sits behind Buddy, Tiny, and Mrs. Pteranodon.

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