Mrs. Pteranodon is the mother of the Pteranodon Family.


Taking after a traditional Great Unclean one she feels great joy spreading Nurgles fruitful plagues and pestilences across the multiverse. She also feels a great joy towards the suffering of her vile protegees, delighting in their suffering seeing it as bringing them closer to Nurgle.


A slug shaped head rests atop a body cursed by a repulsive potbelly, tentacle-like eyelashes drip from the top of her foul pus encrusted eyes, a body cursed by the worst diseases know to the Imperium itself, truly a body blessed by Nurgle.

NOTE: A possible great unclean one Mrs Pteranodon, is a foul creature who delights in the perpetual torment of her foul hellspawn as she drags them through the warp to spread chaos and disease across multiple timezones, she should be killed on sight.

IMPERIAL REPORT: Assorted Information

Ms Pteranodon often shares her section of Nurgles garden with fellow Greater demons and their forces. She regularly attacks once a week, travelling through the warp.

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