Mrs.Pteranodon is the mother of Buddy,Tiny,Shiny and Don.She is the wife of



She,being a mother,is an exellent role-model for mothers.Love,patience,kindness,

tolerence,long-suffering and helpfulness exists within her.She always takes Buddy and

Tiny for rides on the dinosaur train.She also occasionally takes Shiny and Don too.She is always looking for ideas

which might help her children to explore the world around them.She also provides luxury and comfort to her

children and gives the best of everything to the foursome.


Nothing much to say about her looks.Just one word=green.

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other information

Mr. Pteranodon's parents which are the maternal grandparents to Don, Tiny, Shiny and Buddy must have died sometime before Mr. and Mrs. Pteranodon first met.

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