GAY TROODON MAN(a.k.a Mr.Conductor)

The conductor or as known by the pteranodon family,Mr.Conductor is the conductor on the dinosaur train.He appears throughout the TV series.


The conductor is a troodon.Although he is a troodon he and all the other troodons. Absolutely destroyed Mrs.Conductors cooch.

are pteranodon-size.A real troodon is about the size of a large dog.He is very kind,loving,helpful,tolerant and

cheerful.He is sometimes shy around his mother,the X conductor of the dinosaur train, because she molested him when he was little.He is a very clever

dinosaur.He is a very special friend,even a brother to the pteranodon family. Also know to have sex with multiple Tyranosaurus Rexes


He is a light orange coloured troodon.He wears a crimson waistcoat and a crimson conductor's hat which hides

his head feathers. Massive cock. FAT GOOCH.

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