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Laura appears in almost every episode, because she is easily seen from the observation car. The only times she gets out of her car, are to turn the train around, push things off the tracks, and for field trips in the Theropod Club. She says she rides in the Observation Car because "Well, I'm a little too big to fit in the passenger coach." But her main appearances, are in Valley of the Stygimolochs, I'm a T.rex, Laura the Giganotosaurus, The Theropod Club, Ned the Quadreped, Pteranodon Family World Tour, Gilbert the Junior Conductor, Elmer Elasmosaurus, Dinosaur Block Party, Surprise Party, and Train Trouble. In Valley of the Stygimolochs, Laura says bye to the Pteranodons, as they leave the train. In I'm a T.rex, Buddy says to Laura that he thinks he might be a Giganotosaurus, but Laura points out that Buddy is orange, and Laura is green. In Ned the Quadreped, Ned, Buddy, and Tiny go into the Observation car, where Laura is. Laura says hi, and asks what they were doing. In Laura the Giganotosaurus, Laura tells Buddy and Tiny about Giganotosaurus, and her job on the train. When she spots danger, she roars to warn the troodons to stop the train. In The Theropod Club she takes Buddy, Tiny, Derek Deinonychus, Angela Avisaurus, and Mrs. Pteranodon to see Alvin Allosaurus. She also says to an upset Tiny, that she could be in the Theropod Club. In Surprise Party, she (of course) is in the observation car, during Buddy's birthday party. In Pteranodon Family World Tour, she gets off the train to visit her relatives but gets back on the train in Gilbert the Junior Conductor. She shows the Pteranodon kids and Gilbert her sketchbook. In Elmer Elasmosaurus, she appears right in front of Elmer. Elmer makes a joke by raising his head up to Laura's height, and he says "Hey! How are you doing?" In Dinosaur Block Party, she goes to Pteranodon Terrace, along with Mr. Conductor and other creatures from the Big Pond. She makes a comment by saying "What a view, Mrs. Pteranodon! Thanks so much for inviting me to your block party." In Train Trouble Oren and Ollie Ornithomimus race around her legs saying "Nice car! Wow! You're so tall!" Later, when the train stops, Don flies up to Laura's head, to see if he can see, Ollie, Oren, Tiny, and Shiny. Later Laura turns the train around while it gets fixed. She server as the biggest passenger on the dinosaur train but will be the 2nd biggest when Ned grows up.

She roars at the end of the Dinosaur Train opening and roars the same roar in "The Call of the Wild Corthysaurus".