Gilbert is a Troodon who is very smart, and is a junior conductor on the dinosaur train and "Second in Command" after the Conductor. He is introduced in Pteranodon Family World Tour. He is first seen punching all four of the Pteranodon kids' tickets with his toe claw. He has also appeared in Gilbert the Junior Conductor (after himself), Confusisornis Says, Tiny's Tiny Doll, Iggy Iguanodon, Kenny Kentrosaurus, Don and the Troodons, and Junior Conductor Jamboree. He is also to appear in Dinosaur Big City. Shiny seems to have a crush on him. In Gilbert the Junior Conductor, Don gets jealous because Buddy is playing more with Gilbert than with him. They play games such as Hyper Hypothesies, 1-2-3 New Game, I'm the Conductor, and Passenger Coach Hide n' Seek. In Confusisornis Says, When going up the mountain in Confusisornis Gardens, Gilbert pushes Buddy to walk. In Tiny's Tiny Doll, Gilbert helps Buddy and Don look for Tiny's missing Tiny Doll. In Iggy Iguanodon, Gilbert points out to Iggy that he's an omnivore, but he doesn't eat trees. In Kenny Kentrosaurus, Gilbert and the Pteranodons give Kenny some leaves to eat. In Don and the Troodons, while exploring the savannah, Gilbert points out a drosera plant, several beetles marching in formation, and an Allosaurus and a Kentrosaurus circling each other. In Junior Conductor Jamboree, Gilbert plays a major role in the episode. In the dining car, he and Shiny sit together. Later, Mr. Conductor appoints Gilbert as head junior conductor, and gives him a new vest. He has a very big head. He also likes to point things out to the Pteranodons. He is a good role model for 7 year olds.

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