Season 1

  1. Valley of the Stygimolochs / Tiny Loves Fish
  2. The Call of the Wild Corythosaurus / Triceratops for Lunch
  3. Beating the Heat / Flowers for Mom
  4. I'm a T. Rex! / Ned the Quadruped
  5. One Smart Dinosaur / Petey the Peteinosaurus
  6. Fast Friends / T. Rex Teeth
  7. Now With Feathers! / A Frill a Minute
  8. One Big Dinosaur / Play Date with Annie
  9. Armored Like an Ankylosaurus / Campout!
  10. Laura the Giganotosaurus / Dinosaur Poop
  11. Derek the Deinonychus / Don's Dragonfly
  12. One Small Dinosaur / T. Rex Migration
  13. Hootin' Hadrosaurs! / Surprise Party
  14. The Theropod Club / Hatching Party
  15. The Old Spinosaurus and the Sea / A Spiky Tail Tale
  16. Night Train / Fossil Fred
  17. Dinosaurs in the Snow / Cretaceous Conifers
  18. The Burrowers / Shiny's Sea Shells
  19. King Cryolophosaurus / Buddy the Tracker
  20. The Old Bird / Diamond Don
  21. Dinosaur Camouflage / Family Scavenger Hunt
  22. Have You Heard About the Herd? / Jess Hesperornis
  23. Triassic Turtle / Tank's Baby Brother
  24. Erma Eoraptor / Under The Volcano
  25. Pteranodon Family World Tour / Gilbert The Junior Conductor
  26. Confuciusornis Says / Tiny's Tiny Doll
  27. Iggy Iguanodon / Shiny Can't Sleep
  28. Kenny Kentrosarus / Don And The Troodons
  29. New Neighbors / Don's Collection
  30. Long Claws / Tank's Sleep Over
  31. The Wing Kings / The Big Mud Pit
  32. Buck-Tooth Bucky / Tiny's Tiny Friend
  33. An Armored Tail Tale / Pterosaur Flying Club
  34. Great Big Stomping Dinosaur Feet! / Hornucopia!
  35. The Good Mom / Diamond Anniversary
  36. Elmer Elasmosaurus / Dinosaur Block Party
  37. Paulie Pliosaurus / Elmer Visits the Desert
  38. Carla Cretoxyrhina / Train Trouble
  39. The Amazing Michelinoceras Brothers / Dad's Day Out
  40. Junior Conductor Jamboree / Troodon Train Day

Season 2

  1. [[Dinosaur Big City, Part 1]] / Dinosaur Big City Part 2
  2. Dinosaur Big City Part 3 / Dinosaur Big City Part 4
  3. Stargazing on the Night Train / Get Into Nature!
  4. Shiny and Snakes / Tiny Loves Flowers
  5. Buddy Explores The Tyrannosaurs / Rainy Day Fight
  6. That's Not A Dinosaur / Tiny's Garden
  7. The Earthquake / Nursery Car
  8. The Forest Fire / The Lost Bird
  9. Dry Times at Pteranodon Terrace / Big Misty Sea Fishing Contest
  10. Hurricane at Pteranodon Terrace / Rafting The Cretaceous
  11. Haunted Roundhouse / Big Pond Pumpkin Patch
  12. Don's Winter Wish / Festival of Lights
  13. Dinosaur Train Submarine: Otto Opthalmosaurus / King Meets Crystal
  14. Dinosaur Train Submarine: Shoshana Shonosaurus / All Kinds of Families
  15. Dinos A to Z, Part 1, The Big Idea / Dinos A to Z, Part 2, Spread The Word
  16. Dinos A to Z, Part 3, Classification / Dinos A to Z, Part 4, A To Z Picnic
  17. Remember The Alamosaurus / Sunrise, Sunset
  18. A Heck of a Neck / Gilbert Visits The Nest
  19. An Apatosaurus Adventure / Nature Art
  20. Arnie Rides The Flatcar / Old Reliable
  21. Tiny and the Crocodile / Meet The Grandparents
  22. The Egg Stealer? / To The Grandparents' Nest We Go!
  23. Double-Crested Trouble / Erma and the Conductor
  24. Dome-Headed Dinosaur / Treasure Hunt
  25. Dinosaur Train Submarine: Maisie Mosasaurus / Date Night
  26. Dinosaur Train Submarine: A Sea Turtle Tale / Rocket Train

Season 3

  1. Adventure Camp: Rafting/Adventure Camp: Mountain Climbing
  2. Adventure Camp: Ziplining/Adventure Camp: Canyon Hiking
  3. Solar Train/Birdwatching
  4. Rocket Train Surprise Party/Cloudy With A Chance Of Fun
  5. Tiny's Fishing Friend/Butterflies
  6. Best Ever Babysitter/Plant A Tree
  7. One Big Frog/Caving with Vlad
  8. Classic In The Jurassic: Turtle And Therapod Race/Hungry, Hungry Carnivores
  9. Classic In The Jurassic: Air Obstacle Race/King And Crystal Live!
  10. Classic In The Jurassic: Air, Water And Land/Desert Day And Night
  11. Classic In The Jurassic: Ultimate Face-Off/Back In Time
  12. Zeppelin: Waterfall/Zeppelin: Atoll
  13. Zeppelin: Pangaea/Zeppelin: Crater

Season 4

  1. Trains, Submarines and Zeppelins: Part 1/Trains, Submarines and Zeppelins: Part 2
  2. Rollin' on The Riverboat Part 1/Rollin' on The Riverboat Part 2
  3. Nest Swap/The Herd is The Word
  4. Stop and Smell The Flowers/Moms' Campout
  5. Where Have All The Lizards Gone?/Conductor's Sleepover
  6. Junior Conductor's Academy Part 1/Junior Conductor's Academy Part 2
  7. Crystal and King Benefit Concert, Part 1/Crystal and King Benefit Concert, Part 2
  8. Spooky Tree/Spinosaurus Super Model
  9. What's at The Center of The Earth?: Layers!/What's at The Center of The Earth?: Fossils!
  10. What's at The Center of The Earth?: Troglobites!/What's at The Center of The Earth?: Minerals!

Season 5

  1. The Tiny-saur Train/How Many Horns?
  2. Mom Was a Kid Once Part 1/Mom Was a Kid Once Part 2
  3. Gilbert the Conductor/A Clubhouse of Their Own
  4. A Brand New Species Part 1/A Brand New Species Part 2
  5. Don's Hole-iday/We're Not All Dinosaurs


Pteranodon Family World Tour

  1. a special including the episodes:Pteranodon Family World Tour/Gilbert The Junior Conductor,'Confuciusornis Says/Tiny's Tiny Doll, Iggy Iguanodon/Shiny Can't Sleep, Kenny Kentrosarus/Don And The Troodons-109

Dinosaur Train Under The Sea

The one-hour special that consists of four episodes: Elmer Elasmosaurus, Carla Cretoxyrhina, Paulie Pliosaurus, and The Amazing Michelinoceras Brothers. However, these leave out the following episodes: Dinosaur Block Party, Train Trouble, Elmer Visits the Desert, and Dad's Day Out (which is sort of like Father's Day)

Dinosaur Big City

Dinosaur Big City is the one-hour Dinosaur Train special that starts off the new Season of Dinosaur Train. You can see a slight difference in the animation of the characters.

Dinosaur A-Z

This is based off of the song, Dinosaurs A-Z. Tiny creates an enormous idea to gather every dinosaur in the song, from Apatosaurus to Zigongosaurus.

Episodes:Otto Ophtalmosaurus,Shoshanna Shonisaurus ,Masie Mosasaurus And A Sea Turtle Tale:(A Sea Turtle Tale )
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