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Cory is a pink and purple preschool-age Corythosaurus, who loves to hoot and toot with her crest. Cory has appeared in a number of episodes, such as Wild Call of the Corythosaurus, Hootin' Hadrosaurs, and Surprise Party. Cory doesn't appear as much as the more famous friends of Buddy, Tiny, Shiny, and Don: Tank, Annie, and Ned. But she is a character that first appeared in the second episode. In Wild Call of the Corythosaurus, Cory is introduced with her mother and father. She shows the Pteranodons how to play "Hide n' Hoot Like A Hadrosaur", and explains about her crest. Don asked her if she was a princess, and Cory said no. Buddy asked her if the crest helped her to breathe underwater and Cory said no. But she said yes to Tiny's question, which was "Does your crest have something to do with your music?." Later, they put on a show. In Hootin' Hadrosaurs, Cory's best friend, Perry Parasaurolophus, is introduced. Shiny gets mad because Buddy, Tiny, Don, Cory, and Perry were all playing the wrong notes. But Perry talks about music and how it can be fun. Shiny realizes her mistake, and teaches a fun song called "I like to Sing so Free". In Surprise Party, she appears as a party guest. In her own words from Wild Call of the Corythosaurus, "No, I'm not a princess, and I don't breathe underwater, but Tiny, you were right about my music. HOOOOOOOT!"In Hatching Party, Cory's mother's eggs hatch.


Real corythosaurus don't have crests that shake when they hoot.

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