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Buddy is a preschool-age Tyrannosaurus. He is Shiny, Don, and Tiny's youngest brother and Mrs. Pteranodon and Mr. Pteranodon's son. He is one of the only characters to be in every episode.

Before he was born, Mr. and Mrs. Pteranodon found Buddy's egg and adopted him. He didn't know what species he was until the first episode, which he learns that he is a T.rex. He met a whole bunch of new friends+ during his adventures. He has two sisters named Tiny and Shiny, and a brother named Don. In New Neighbors, he met the Lambeosaurus family, and made friends with Leroy and Lily Lambeosaurus, who had just moved to Pteranodon Terrace. In Ned the Quadreped, they complete three special tasks: collect a ticket from a passenger and punch a hole in it, explore the dinosaur train until you find a picture of your species, and yell out TIME TUNNEL!!! when you see a time tunnel up ahead. Then, Buddy and Tiny became Junior Conductors. Another episode with Junior Conductors in it is Junior Conductor Jamboree! Buddy, Tiny, Shiny, Don, Gilbert Troodon, Ned, Spikey, Leslie Lesthosaurus, and Petey, all go from the Cretaceous roundhouse, to the Triassic roundhouse. When they get back to Pteranodon Terrace, Mr. Conductor tells Buddy, Tiny, Spikey, Leslie, and


Petey that they have reached the next level of being a Junior Conductor. Mr. Conductor also makes Shiny and Don Junior Conductors. Buddy is also in the Theropod Club along with Tiny (not a theropod, but an honorary member), Derek Deinonychus, Angela Avisaurus, Laura Giganotosaurus, Alvin Allosaurus, and King Cryolophosaurus.



Buddy is a light shade of orange, with little blue diamonds on his back. He also has a very thick nose which takes up more than half the room on his head! But Buddy says that its important. He needs it to sniff out food.